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Our heat shrinkable cooking bags are generally used for the cooking of hams, beef, and legs of pork etc.

Ideally these are used in conjunction with elasticated meat netting.

From widths stocked (70mm - 450mm) bags can be manufactured to any desired length and are constantly being produced at our Sheffield factory for immediate despatch.

Cooking Bags

Skin tight fit around product

Extremeley strong, yet flexible to handle and clip

High shrink

Roastable (heat resistant to +180°)

Cold resistant (to - 60°)

Reduces cooking time

Giving processor's the advantage
of cooking, chilling and
distributing their products without
the need for re-packing.

'Cook and Ship' shrink bags

Supplied in either arc, bar seal or pre-clipped at our Sheffield factory

Shirred sticks of up to 56m. saving change over time when used on continuous filling & double clipping machines

Artwork & design service with full colour printing

Complimentary 1 colour 'in-line' printing

Shrink Bags are widely used for the packing of numerous products throughout the food industry. Perflex bags offer superior puncture resistance, tight shrink, sparkling 'glass like' clarity and outstanding print quality to promote brand awareness and increase your market appeal. The range of Perflex Shrink Bags include:

Perflex Barrier shrink bags

P52 - The standard bag supplied in either arc or bar seal, taped or loose bags

P51 - Side seal bags for enhanced visual appearance

P52HD - Thicker gauge heavy duty bag with re-enforced seals for packing hard surface products, and short spell high temp. pasteurisation cycles

P42 - The thickest grade shrink bag for the most demanding bone in applications

Take a fresh look at your cheese packing with Perflex Shrink Bags, giving high barrier, tight shrink and superior clarity to enhance the appearance of your products.

Perflex shrink bags for cheese

P52 bags supplied in either arc or bar seal depending on your application

Breathable bags for maturing cheeses

Lower shrink temperatures

Full artwork and design service

Complimentary 1 colour 'in-line' printing on all bags

Shaped Turkey Cooking Bags give processor's the advantage of retaining a natural turkey shape making your product look even more appealing.

Shaped turkey bags

Bags supplied in either plain or perforated.

Various sizes depending on weight of your product.

Can be clipped or Vacuum Sealed by processors.

Our standard 90 micron Pouches can be supplied in either side or bottom seal.

Quality Vacuum Pouches

Gold/silver metallised pouches

Blue/yellow pouches

Thicker gauges for higher puncture resistance on 'bone-in' products

Boil in the bag

Cheese maturing pouches

Printed designs

Low cost 1 colour 'in-line' printing

Over 50 sizes held for next day delivery

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