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Our finest quality British made meat netting has become very popular with our customers.

Whether your application is for boiling or roasting in either white, red & white, even blue or green for product identification, we can supply your needs.

We would be only to happy to adapt one of our existing nettings, or formulate an entirely new one, to conform more precisely to a customer's specification.

All netting available in 50 m. / 100m rolls or continuous metres
An industry standard available in roast and boil and a variety of colour combinations.
Having the same varieties as Classic yet some 20% stronger, exerting greater compression strength for cooking joints of meat.
The strongest of all our nettings for extreme cases where maximum compression is required.
This premium quality material is 100% stronger than classic and is the industry leader throughout Europe, where shape, uniformity, slicing yield and presentation are vital to the meat processor.
Based on the Classic range this netting is 20% stronger than Extra and is ideally suited to cooking 'boned-out' products particularly where moisture retention is a prime concern.
Q. Net
A powerful new stockinette that gives an attractive natural finish to boned out products. When used with liquid smoke it eliminates the need for smoke houses and thus dramatically reduces processing costs

New Quick Strip Netting

Formerly known as Lockstitch. It's 3-D structure means that it has reduced contact points and we have made some alterations to the characteristics of the rubber. This is the only netting of it's kind in the world, which is something we are very proud of. The netting will not fray when cut as it has a special knitted stitch. When it is being loaded onto the tube the vertical chains will not slide to the side, which has been a long term problem for netting manufacturers, thus giving excellent presentation and is also much easier to remove after cooking . Several of our present cooked pork customers are achieving very good results, in fact we have recently obtained new customers because they are getting higher yields than they were with anything else on the market.

Our automatic netting loader is an essential piece of equipment for ham & bacon producers whose nets have high compressive strength, making manual loading difficult and time consuming. This easily operated mechanism ensures a fully loaded tube of netting is ready for use every 3 minutes. Our table top adapters continue the process of eliminating unnecessary manual work and putting your labour to more productive use. Compressed air operation and reduction of moving parts makes the machine the essential low cost improvement that generates an immediate payback on investment.
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